Ceramic fiber tape

Product description :
RACOFIBER™ Ceramic fiber tape is made by knitting the high standard ceramic fiber yarn. There are two types : Glass filament reinforced fiber tape and stainless-steel reinforced fiber tape.

Low heat conductivity
Good performance of heat shock resistance and thermal stability
High tensile strength
Sound absorbing
Easy to be cut and installed
Chemical corrosion resistance

Application :
Industry thermal insulation, cable and duct thermal insulation covering, bolt and flange connection, thermal shield, high temperature furnace door curtain

Technical data :



Product name

Product Name

Glass Filament Reinforced Fiber Tape


Stainless-steel Reinforced Fiber Tape



Long-term Operation Temp



Water Content%


Organic Content%



Braided Bag


thickness x width x length

2mm x 20mm x 30m

3mm x 20mm x 30m

2mm x 30mm x 30m

3mm x 30mm x 30m

2mm x 40mm x 30m

3mm x 40mm x 30m

2mm x 50mm x 30m

3mm x 50mm x 30m

2mm x 60 mm x 30m

3mm x 60 mm x 30m

2mm x 75 mm x 30m

3mm x 75 mm x 30m

2mm x 80 mm x 30m

3mm x 80 mm x 30m

2mm x 100 mm x 30m

3mm x 100 mm x 30m

2mm x 150 mm x 30m

3mm x 150 mm x 30m