Rock wool board

Product description:
Rock wool board is made by melting the high standard basalt. The product has good properties of low density, low heat conductivity, good performance of sound absorbing, does not burn, good chemical stability. Besides the common properties of rock wool, there are still many other good characteristics as: waterproof, thermal insulation, cold insulation, dose not deliquesce even in moist condition.

Easy-cut and easy to install
Thermal insulation
Light weight
Sound absorption
Environmental friendly

Rock wool board has wide rang applications: construction, petroleum, power sector, metallurgy, textile industry , national defense , communication and translation , boiler , flue heat exchanger , draught fan , thermal insulation and sound absorbing of shipping and automobile manufacturing .
Petrochemical industry : thermal insulation and sound absorption of petroleum industry , power plant , chemical industry etc.
Construction industry : thermal insulation and sound absorption of external wall
Mining industry : industrial furnace , oven , the thermal insulation and fireproof of heavy caliber storage tank 

Technical data:





Slot Content (particle size diameter≥0.25mm). (%)


Fiber Mean Value (µm)


Allowable Density Deviation ()


Heat Conductive Coefficient(Average Temp70±52), W/(m.k)


Temp for Shrinkage under Hot Load (density undefined60kg/m3)  ()


Water Content ()



Grad A

Water Absorption  ()