How to distinguish the quality of ceramic fiber blankets

There are many ceramic fiber blankets on the Chinese market, mainly produced in Zibo, Hebei, Guandong and other regions. It is not difficult to distinguish the quality of the ceramic fiber blanket. Let me share my experience.
First look at the color, good quality ceramic fiber blanketí»s color is white, lower quality is slightly a little bit often a little yellow. The difference in color depends mainly on the quality of the raw materials. The higher the aluminum content of the raw material, the less the impurities, and the whiter the ceramic fiber blanket produced.
Then look at the toughness, a good ceramic fiber blanket is not easy to be torn, and a bad quality will be broken.
A good ceramic fiber blanket is formed by the twisting process. The long fibers are relatively tight when intertwined, tear-resistant, good tensile strength, and the short short-fiber ceramic fiber blanket is easy to be shredded and has poor resilience in a high temperature environment. Easy to shrink and break.
In the end, when the slag content is poor, there are many brown slag balls after the quality is broken. The quality is good, but it can't be said, but it is rare.
The difference between the toughness and the slag content is not only the raw material factor, but also the important point is the speed of the thread rolling machine and the flow rate of the solution. The higher the rotational speed, the lower the slag content of the ceramic fibers and the longer the fibers. The rotational speed of the RACOFIBER ceramic fiber blanket produced by our company reaches 8000-1000. Therefore, the RAOCFIBER ceramic fiber blanket has low slag content and good toughness.
Ceramic fiber blankets should be protected from moisture during storage. They should be stored in a cool, dry and clean warehouse and sealed.